Your packages are now tracked by Gmail, and it notifies you if they are delayed.

Based on emails you receive with shipping confirmations, Google's webmail client may now track arriving deliveries.

You can view additional information about your package

 such as comprehensive tracking and order details, by clicking the summary.

Gmail will provide delivery status for such emails that additionally include tracking numbers in the inbox list view as well as in a summary card on top of individual emails

According to Google, tracking of packages will be possible "across most major U.S. shipping providers.

" The service is opt-in, so you must authorise Gmail to look for tracking numbers in your email. 

You can withdraw your consent at any time by visiting Gmail's settings.

This is a feature I warmly welcome, though it would be nice if it went global instead of operating only in the U.S. because my package tracking consists of receiving an email with a shipping confirmation

 reading it, forgetting about it, searching for it in Gmail to get to that "order tracking" button, and repeating this process numerous times.