What you need to know about recent disputes and ballot access in Arizona in 2022.

Early voting has begun in Arizona, but not without repercussions from unverified election fraud conspiracy theories.

At least two right-wing organisations organised observers to watch as voters cast early ballots. 

 One voter submitted a complaint alleging that "camo-clad" individuals photographed the voter's vehicle licence plate as he or she dropped off a ballot outside Maricopa County's main voting facility in Phoenix.

The Arizona Republic spoke with drop box monitors sitting in lawn chairs next to an orange pizza box. 

While it appeared to be a home barbecue, they were photographing voters and election officials at the county's election centre.

More than a million ballots have already been cast in Arizona, which was an early adopter of mail-in voting. 

The system was established in 1991 by state lawmakers with bipartisan backing

Three decades later, the vast majority of Arizona voters still vote in this manner.

Although there was no evidence of widespread fraud, claims of a stolen election have served as a rallying cry for some of the top Republican candidates in primary and general election campaigns, including Blake Masters for U.S. Senate, Kari Lake for governor, Mark Finchem for secretary of state, and Abe Hamadeh for state attorney general.