PhotoRoom raises $19 million after 40 million app downloads

PhotoRoom, a French business, has raised $19 million in Series A funding.

The startup creates a popular photo editing tool for online retailers and small companies.

It specifically assists you in removing the background from behind goods you are ready to sell so that your images appear more professional.

Balderton Capital is leading the Series A round, which also includes angels from Facebook, Hugging Face, and Disney+. 

Adjacent, an existing investor, is also increasing its investment in the company.

PhotoRoom isn't the only app for removing photo backgrounds. Pixelcut is another popular app in the "Graphics & Design" category on the App Store.

Background removal features are also available in more general programmes such as Picsart.

PhotoRoom has narrowed its focus to a specific niche: small enterprises reselling items on eBay, Poshmark, or Depop.

These marketplace professionals can process a batch of photos and create images that are ready to use with just a few taps.