Release date and timing for One Piece Chapter 1065

One Piece remains a classic title of our weekend catch-up list, whether for the manga or anime community.

Unfortunately, the One Piece manga series was conspicuously absent from last weekend's catch-up list due to the postponement of chapter 1065

The One Piece manga series took a vacation last week, and the latest chapter was not released on Sunday, October 30 as many fans expected.

The cause for the delay has not been revealed, although mangaka Eiichiro Oda takes frequent breaks every few chapters to give himself and the production team a well-deserved vacation before fresh instalments. 

 The good news is that the delay will not be long. According to Viz Media, One Piece manga chapter 1065 will now be released worldwide on Sunday, November 6.

The latest chapter of the legendary manga series will be available for reading on both Viz Media and Manga Plus at the international times shown below.

 Pacific Time – 8 AM  Eastern Time – 11 AM  British Time – 3 PM  European Time – 4 PM  India Time – 8:30 PM

Fans in the United Kingdom and the European Union should be aware that due to daylight savings time, new chapters will technically be released one hour earlier than prior releases.

The new chapter will be available for free on both Viz Media and Manga Plus for the next three weeks, after which it will be locked behind a $1.99 monthly barrier.