Monday, November 7, 2022: puzzle solutions

In my opinion, this is a fantastic Monday theme. The revealer is what elevates it above simply being a collection of bug-related idioms. 

 WHAT'S BUGGING YOU is a wonderful (15-letter!) phrase that describes what links the theme answers while also incorporating "bug" wordplay. 

All of the theme solutions are well known, but I had never considered connecting them in this way, so even if they were Monday-easy enough to enter fast

When I originally started working on the problem, I missed the "With 58-Across" section of BUTTERFLIES IN MY STOMACH and thought to myself, "Huh, that's a little inelegant to just have half the phrase.

So I was overjoyed when the second half appeared later in the puzzle! I don't think the phrase should be split or that the two halves should be that far apart - they're symmetric

The phrase splits equally, and it may provide newer solvers a foothold in the bottom half of the puzzle.

Given the five theme responses, the fill is fairly good. PITA BREAD, MASTODON, BY MISTAKE, and SICILIAN are the prominent downs.

That last one took a while since I had previously had Detroit-style pizza, which also has a thick crust and is square, so I kept trying to squeeze that in.

 The crossword puzzle's centre section is a little weaker than the others, with IONO, BUT I, ENTO, UNI, and UNUM all near to each other, but the crossings are reasonable.