Dwyane Wade answers to the ex-court wife's filing to prevent the daughter's name and gender change.

After his ex-wife objected to legally changing their daughter Zaya's name

And claimed that the three-time NBA champion was trying to make money off Zaya's name and gender change "with various companies through contacts and marketing opportunities including but not limited to deals with Disney," Dwyane Wade responded in a social media post on Thursday.

In a court document filed last week, Siohvaughn Funches-Wade also asked that Zaya Wade postpone any changes to her name or gender identification until she reaches "the age of majority." Zaya is 15 years old right now.

Wade sought a judge to officially change his daughter's name and gender in August.

Wade posted a message on social media saying, "Since this must be the new method of parenting, I guess I have to address these charges here, which is a darn shame.

A social media post about me pushing our 15-year-old child to be someone she is not and to do things against her will came to my attention while I was away on a life-altering journey in our motherland, Africa. 

These are damaging and grave accusations that have harmed our kids."

Siohvaughn's efforts to deny Zaya's identification and her persistent attempts to tarnish my reputation are not surprising to any of us, but he continued, "I'm really disturbed that she continually find ways of concentrating herself and HER demands, without regard to her children. 

This young person has managed to retain a 4.0 GPA in honours classes while dealing with all the unwanted and detrimental attention and discussions about her gender and sexuality from people who are determined not to even try to get to know her."