A chemical factory fire near Brunswick, Georgia, has forced evacuations.

A massive fire broke out Monday inside a chemical facility on Georgia's coast

prompting authorities to order the evacuation of adjacent towns due to toxic fumes and potential explosions.

When the fire broke out at 4 a.m., emergency personnel safely evacuated a limited number of employees.

 Fire Capt. Eric Proswimmer, who was on the scene with fire teams from Jacksonville, Florida, sent to help battle the fires, said Monday at the factory near the port city of Brunswick, Georgia. 

The facility is located around 70 miles (113 kilometres) south of Savannah.

People within a 3-mile (5-kilometer) radius were advised to stay put.

According to Baasen, officials were particularly concerned about the dangers posed by smoke floating into populated areas.

According to Proswimmer, the heat from the fire forced three metal tanks storing chemicals to burst, forcing firefighters to retreat.

He said that firemen had depleted more than 1 million gallons (3.8 million litres) of water stored in tanks on the scene, hindering efforts to put out the fire.