11 Cruiser Bikes You'll Probably Regret Purchasing

For decades, cruiser motorcycles dominated the North American motorcycling landscape.

Today, it has changed to some extent, but there is still a strong core following.

While Harley-Davidson, the legendary cruiser manufacturer, dominated sales for decades, the other contenders all got a fair shot at the market.

There were some good, some bad, and a few hideous instances that came and went. 

Harley-Davidson stayed mostly unchanged, although they still managed to make a handful of their own duds. 

Cruisers have advanced to the same level as any other style of motorbike today, but this did not happen quickly, and mistakes were made along the way.

Built to compete with the Street Glide, this V4 engine had already established a great reputation in the ST1300

Although their engine re-tuning method worked well on the CTX700, it failed miserably on the huge bore 1300.

The rev limit was lowered to 7000 rpm, which is unusual for a cruiser but downright unusual for a Honda, and it just seems like riding an appliance.