5 Best Penny Stocks to Buy This Month

We’ll round up the 5 best penny stocks to buy this month. The US market has seen the effect of a decline in the market for some time, which has now seen some increase in NASDAQ.

Still, the NASDAQ index is down about 9.9% during this period, in view of this development of the market, some investors are out of the market and in this declining market, some investors are taking advantage of it by buying the stock.

We have shortlisted such stocks in the month of September which is penny stocks under 5 dollars.

5 Best penny stocks to buy this month.

Best Penny Stock
Best Penny Stock

1. Virax Biolabs Group Limited (NASDAQ: VRAX)

Virax Biolabs Group Limited is a biotech company based in the UK, this company is working on preventing and detecting viral diseases and eliminating this type of problem.

Virax Biolabs Group Limited is working on the detection and elimination of many diseases such as the COVID-19 pandemic and diseases like the monkeypox virus, due to which the share price of Virax Biolabs Group Limited company is likely to boost.

The price of Virax Biolabs Group Limited is 3.45 USD with a market CAP of 39.24M USD.

2. Hempacco Co. Inc. (NASDAQ: HPCO)

Hempacco Co. The company sold one million shares for $6 during its IPO to Hempacco Co. Still showing an increase of 30% in the share of the company whose share price is still present at $3.78.

3. Mullen Automotive, Inc. (NASDAQ: MULN)

Mullen Automotive, Inc. is a California-based automotive company based on electric vehicles, mostly this company is working on battery technology, due to which this company is considered to be one of the hottest segments in America.

Mullen Automotive, Inc. The company is working on a solid-state battery that is smaller in size, which can provide vehicles with a range of 600 miles.

4. Nuwellis, Inc. (NASDAQ:NUWE)

Nuwellis, Inc. This company is also considered among the best penny stocks, this company is also working to improve the lives of suffering patients. Recently the company has achieved revenue of $2.21 million. Recently the share price of the company has increased by 90%. Nuwellis, Inc. Shares are getting within USD 0.75 with a market CAP of 7.95M

5. Azure Power Global Limited (NYSE: AZRE)

Azure Power Global Limited Company is a solar company in the US. This company is in the business of selling solar energy to federal and state government utilities at reasonable rates.

The total generation of Azure Power Global Limited is 1990 MW, the share of this company is currently available at a lower price, whose share price is currently $5.56 USD. Whose market CAP is 356.74M.

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